Kevin began singing at the tender age of 8, enrolling into music school and picking up his first classical guitar to accompany his unique voice. From this moment onwards it was not only clear for Kevin, but also for everyone around him that music was his calling.
After years of developing his passion and involving himself in groups and gigs locally, the young talent played his first major venue event at Sportpaleis, Antwerp, the biggest Belgian arena as a member of a children's choir, showcasing his vocal to an audience of 20 thousand.
Time passed and Kevin's ambitions only grew larger. With experience and training from such a young age, the artist in Kevin strived in all things musical and began recording and writing songs before the age of 16 years old, leading him to join an exclusive school of arts, studying vocals and instruments in pop / rock.
Throughout Kevin's school years, playing shows and writing songs, his talent had not gone unnoticed and various famous faces in his home country began to recognize his voice as the one to look out for.
In 2007, Kevin made the decision to jump for glory, and auditioned for Pop Idol, the popular talent TV show (before the days of X Factor). Unfortunately, the singer was too young to audition, and still needed time to develop his performance. The feedback that day had nothing but a positive effect, and after 4 years of working, training and self-development, Kevin stepped up and auditioned once again for Pop Idol in 2011. From the first audition, through to the semi-finals and to the last man standing, Kevin nationally showed off his voice, personality, performance and individual style, rewarding him in a world wide recording contract with Sony Music, as the crowned Winner of Pop Idol Belgium 2011.
Kevin's debut release She's Got Moves, became a smash hit in Belgium and Holland, and the young pop stars career geared into full speed. Kevin received countless nominations as Best Emerging Talent and was labeled as an artist with exceeding potential to break the international market.
Since 2012, Kevin has been touring nationally, and perfecting his craft ready to make his move into other territories. With experience and a following behind his belt, 2014 leads the ever-rising star into a new chapter. Kevin's new project, with a modern and mature sound is ready to explode into action.

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